So Why Should I Take My Dog To A Groomer?

If we see your dog on a regular basis, we may be aware of any changes in your dogs health that you may have over looked. Groomers have the chance to see your dog every month. Your vet may only see your dog once a year or when a problem arises. A good groomer will check the complete dog and not just wash and go.

1. Skin hygiene: We will check the coat and skin for any problems such as skin infections, fleas or hot spots.  If there are fleas, your dog Will receive a flea bath at the customers cost. Hot spots will be shaved out. This allows air and any meds to dry out the spot. Proper shampoos will be used to help alleviate symptoms of any skin conditions. It will not get rid of the underlying problem.  If your vet has given you a medicated shampoo to use, please give it to us to use also.
NOTE: Most medicated shampoos should be used one or more times a week for the medicinal effect to take place. Then continued on a regular basis to  maintain good skin health.

When bathing the dog we use ONLY professional dog shampoos. Most are gentle and easy rinse. The shampoo is "power" washed on and reaches through the heaviest of coats.  Then "power" rinsed off.  Alleviating any itching from soap residue.

We use professional "animal" dryers. While we are brushing your dog, we are using a forced dryer that will "blow" water, dead hair and skin off your dog. This is done by "hand" drying the dog. This also straightens out any "styled" breeds coat so that they are even and fluffy.  As we are drying the dog, our hands are constantly running over the dogs body. We are feeling for anything unusual such as lumps, growths or new sensitivity to touch. Only when a dog is extremely fearful or has a quick drying smooth coat will we use a cage dryer. The dog is never left alone when the dryer is in use to avoid any over heating of the dog.

2. Ear hygiene: Your dogs ears will be checked and cleaned with simple alcohol then powdered with a antibiotic drying powder. If the hair needs to be plucked this will also be done.  Dropped ear dogs such as Goldens will have some hair under the flap shaved for proper air circulation.

3. Mouth hygiene: Although we do not brush dogs teeth, we will check if possible  for any heavy tartar buildup or redness and swelling of the gums.

4.Unusual behavior: Over time we get to know your pet pretty well. They have good days and bad. Most tolerate the grooming process. There are a few that really enjoy it and fall asleep. Some may have had bad experiences in the past and still take this to the table.  We try hard to work with these animals to over come their fears. We are honest with our clients and want them to be aware of  inconsistency’s for the well being of the dog. If we see that fido who usually has his tail wagging and licking our faces is not acting his usual we will relate this to you.


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