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To Bathe or not to Bathe - Why getting your dog professionally groomed is important.
Bathing your dog in between grooming IS NOT always such a good idea. Nobody likes a stinky dog, but did you know that sometimes over bathing your dog can make the condition worse? It may not be your dogs fur that has the "bad" odor at all.

Certain breeds like Labradors or Chesapeake Bay Retrievers have natural oils that protect them from water and bramble. These natural oils repeal the water and with a good shake off these water retrieving dogs with a heavy undercoat can be virtually dry after a good swim.  Because of these oils they tend to smell "doggy" quite often.  Bathing your dog to often especially with oil stripping shampoos can create the opposite effect of what your trying to accomplish. Because the skin becomes dry, the skin may try to compensate and increase its oil production. Many times this can cause skin conditions where these glands become clogged and produce pustules (acne).  Bathing more than once a month should be avoided unless your veterinarian suggests other wise.

Bathing improperly can cause severe matting.  When we groom dogs, we ALWAYS brush or shave out any bad matting before we bathe the dog. If this is not done first, the water and shampoo will tighten up the knots in the coat.  We recommend brushing and combing your dog between grooms rather than bathing. There are specific brushes for different coat types that we can recommend. Brushing AGAINST the lay is important. A final run through with a "dog" comb is your test weather you brushed your dog properly or not.  Keeping your dog regularly brushed  will keep your grooming costs down and a cleaner pet. We would be happy to show you how to brush your pet if you are unsure.

Flaky skin - Is it just dry skin or something more?
Most people assume if a dog has flakey skin that their coat or skin is dry. This is not always the case. Flakey skin can be a fungal infection, seborrhea, Pyoderma (secondary skin infection) or specific allergies to the environment  or food. If your dog gets scratchy specific times of the year, it could very well be seasonal allergies. When shedding dead skin comes with the dead coat. This can cause scratching and licking to increase.  Many times this will lead to a "hot spot" which is moisture getting trapped with in the coat to the skin leading to a raw spot or infection.  This is why it is so important to keep your dog brushed in between regular grooms.

What's that smell?!
So you’ve bathed your dog or sprayed doggie spray on and it still stinks! Does your dog have drop ears? Ears that fold down and not stand straight up? It is very common for dropped ear dogs to get a build up of wax or ear infections. Because there is no air circulation within the ear they never get a chance to dry out. This is especially true in dogs that go swimming a lot.  Food allergies are a large cause of ear discomfort.  If your dogs skin and ears are inflamed red and itchy this may very well be food allergy related. Either way, if your dogs skin is in this condition  you should consult your veterinarian.

Tartar and bad gum health can also cause extremely bad odors. If this is the case, your dog should have a dental cleaning . Gum infections can lead to heart disease and other life threatening diseases


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